Winstar’s River Poker Series Review

Poker Review

The Winstar Casino and Resort River Poker Series occurs every year in Thackerville, OK just north of Dallas, TX. With a guaranteed prize pool of over $4 million dollars it is one of the biggest tournaments in the southern part of the country. The main event alone in 2012 over 1300 people with first place winning almost $700,000! Here are a few things that make this tournament series better than the rest.

Prize Pool

It is hard to argue with money. As a poker player you look for the biggest bang for your buck and the River Poker Series give this to you. With that much money in the prize pool you would be silly not to play.


Winstar has been doing this for years. This makes for a great run tournament that runs smoothly every year. You will find that the dealers and floor staff are very professional and do a great job of keeping the game going as it should. When registering for tournament you will find that they are able to get you registered much quicker than you will see at other event.

This is perhaps the most important part of the game because it provides a perfect platform for beginners to hone their skills because Winstar is quite a popular tournament that has become synonymous with poker just as situs poker online is a miniature version of the main game.

Variety of Events

There are many different events during the River Poker Series not only will you find the traditional no limit holdem but you will also find a great Omaho event that draws hundreds of players every year. You will also find a high roller event with a $5000 buy in and a great structure. There are also bounty and re-entry event at smaller buy-ins for players with smaller bankrolls.

The Satellites

Last year Winstar implemented a satellite system where the winners of each satellite won tournament buy-in lammers. With this system the player could buy into any event that they pleased or trade the lammers to other players for cash. The satellites begin a few months before the River Series begins.

Cash Games

The Winstar poker room always has a great selection of cash games. During the poker series the games get better than anywhere you will find in the country. The poker room will be full and you may even encounter a long waiting list. You will finally every game available whether you want to play fixed limit or No-limit Holdem and Omaha. It is very common to find a great $5/10 game going during the series.

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