Problem with Gambling



It is very well-known that people suffer not only from alcoholism, drug addiction or eating disorder but also from gambling. At first you don’t notice how slowly and surely you are becoming a slave of the system. You don’t even realize that all of the moneybags who are on top of the hierarchy of the gambling industry get both into your brain and in your wallet. In the beginning you always believe in beginners luck and soothe yourself that you are going to try only once, but you get addicted ridiculously quickly to the money-pumping machine hoping to win at least something.

Nowadays a big variety of poker-rooms are available to any user of the web. It takes seconds to join one and start playing. A reader may wonder, why do poker-rooms still exist, if there are so many cash prizes awarded daily. In fact, you are being robbed every second. There is a bot which always plays at the same table with you, so regardless of what cards you play the bot wins pot 80% of a time. Obviously, you are getting mad and promise to yourself that you are not going to spend a penny on the site. But after a while, the desire of winning and an obscure need of justice makes you deposit again and again. This tends to happen over and over until one day you realize that you are being tricked and that you are fed up with this global scam. In order to check the scams and problems, a visit can be made at site. The selection should be made after knowing the pros and cons of the slot machines. The generation of the number should be random for offering a fair chance of winnings to everyone. 

Of course, there are some real people who cash-out big time. But in general, the average amount of winnings is way less than the overall amount of deposits. So how much does it cost to “win”? A poker room just stops you from winning after your big cash-out, so no matter how good of a player you are you are going to keep losing. And while you are spending your last money on poker these moneybags burst with a sinister laugh.

Just spend a moment thinking about how you are being deceived by this system every day and ask yourself: why are you working? To give your money to the owners of the gambling industry? It is about time to realize that there is nothing free in this world.