Information About Jackpotjoy Casino

Jackpotjoy casino is an online casino games provider that gives worldwide access to casino games twenty-four hours a day at the click of a button. With so many people turning to indoor games Jackpotjoy casino provides a great alternative to having to physically travel to a casino to play your favorite games. With the advance […]


Information About Jackpotjoy Casino

Jackpotjoy casino is an online casino games provider that gives worldwide access to casino games twenty-four hours a day at the click of a button. With so many people turning to indoor games Jackpotjoy casino provides a great alternative to having to physically travel to a casino to play your favorite games. With the advance […]

How To Choose A Best Online Gambling Site

As more and more online gambling sites are coming into picture, it is often very difficult to choose one among the best. Today we have more three thousand online casino sites. So you need to consider various points like security, gaming features and software quality before choosing a site. Apart from online casinos, there are […]

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Las Vegas Casino Games Odds

Winning money when playing at the casinos in Las Vegas, or any other casino, is not impossible but you have to know that the odds are not in your favor, and in the long run it is not likely that you will win. You should be aware of the odds of the house for Vegas casino games so you know how the odds are stacked against you.


Slots is the easiest casino game to play and there is no real knowledge that you have to have about the game. Slots will keep around 3% – 25% of the money and that will depend on the slot machine you are playing at and the casino you are in. Slots players that are losing on one machine may feel that they are due and they keep playing on it. This is incorrect, as slot machines are controlled by a Random Number Generator (RNG), which will figure the payout course over a few thousand spins. Basically, there is no way that you can know that a machine will hit or not.


For every $1 bet on Keno, the casino will keep 30%. You should know that when you play Keno it is very much like playing a mini-lottery. As it stands now 20 out of a possible 20 numbers has never been won at any casino anywhere and not just in Vegas.

Video Poker

When you play video poker try to find a Jacks or Better video poker game that pays 9 coins when you get a Full House and 6 coins when you get a Flush. In a game like this, the house odds will fall between 0% and 5%. Video poker has better odds than slots and if you play smart you can come out ahead when you play.


Many people think that they have a 50/50 chance when playing Roulette by betting on either the black or red, odd or even, or 1-18 or 19-36. This is simply not true because of the green 0 and 00. The green 0 and 00 give the casino a house edge of 5.25%. If you have the time try to find a European Roulette game, as it will lower the odds of the house since there is only one green 0 on a European wheel.


When you play Blackjack on Prediksi Taiwan the house edge with be around 0% to 3%. You should try to find single-hand Blackjack games, as they will give you better odds. One thing that many casinos are doing these days is paying out 6:5 on Blackjack rather than 2:1. This is generally the case with single-deck games, but you should stay away from games like this, as it can raise the house edge by 1%. To get the best advantage when playing Blackjack you should:

  • Split aces and eights
  • Double down with 10 or 11 if a dealer has an upcard of 2-9.
  • Stand when you have 12-16 if a dealer has an upcard of 2-6.
  • Hit with 12-16 if a dealer has an upcard of 7,8,9,10 and Ace.
  • Stand on 17-21.
  • Never ever take the insurance option,


Stay away from the high odds bet on the craps table. You should only play the line bets, which are the line bets, pass and don’t pass bets, and come and don’t come bets. If you do this the odds will be about 1.4% in favor of the casino. There are some casinos that will offer a game that is called crap-less craps, but beware as even though it looks to be a good game, in terms of odds, the game actually is one that gives the house more favorable odds.

Maybe the best tip you can have when hitting Vegas or any casino is to know when to “walk away” or cut your losses.

Maybe You Have Skilled Casinos Online – Know about it

Just everything is obtainable on-line right now, even entertainment. Then why not add to the excitement with playing casinos on-line? May possibly be this is what individuals thought of when they started coming up with the idea of on-line casinos.

The players should improve the skills for playing at the 꽁머니사이 to have more money. You should have an idea available to get more bonuses and rewards. The playing of the games will provide more bonuses and rewards to have a winning experience. 

There are many takers for on the internet casinos at the moment. Even though an entire bunch of men and women are already creating the top of the on the web casinos, there are yet others who are still wondering if it worth considering at all. What exactly is stopping you from experiencing all the excitement?

You must start off by understanding that there is usually a first time. The first time you played at the casino, you possibly were a nervous wreck, but just a couple of visits changed the attitude. The same is the case with casinos on the internet. Though you might really feel nervous initially, just a couple of trials will let you know that they’re the identical games and same excitement, just far more convenience, although.

Computers are everywhere these days. Youngsters just cannot do without computers, but there is the older generation which is still attempting to cope with this invention. Should you be one of people who belong to the older generation and believe on the web casinos indicates use of laptop or computer which puts you off, it can be time you changed that attitude. To use the casino online, all you need will be the capability to read and recognize. Rules of the game will nearly be the identical as well as a couple of details of how to play the game can be browsed by way of even before you commence.

You have to stop feeling like casino online is an unknown territory and this feeling will wane away only whenever you dare to explore. Take that first step and you’ll be amazed at how engaging online casinos might be. You can find several on-line casinos it is possible to log on to. You just have to be a little wary of regardless of whether the sites are genuine so you might be not taken for a ride. This might be easily done by visiting on the web forums and blogs which will talk about it. You’ll uncover unending discussions about which on the web casinos are the most effective, what games are good and worth an attempt and a lot of other people. With all this info, there’s a really much less chance of you finding cheated.

Entertainment proper at your doorstep is a luxury. If you need to spoil yourself with luxury and appreciate life, you need to try the casinos on the internet.

A Beginners Guide To Online Gambling

There are many guides to be found online for those that are new to the world of online betting, but most of them spend a lot of time examining topics such as evaluating odds and how to formulate a winning plan in card games such as poker and blackjack. If you want to know the practical facts about placing a bet over the Internet, rather than spend hours wading through a lot of uninteresting theories, read on.

First things first

The very first thing that you will need to do if you want to start gambling on the Internet is to open an account with a bookmaker or one of the online casinos, and bingo companies that operate around the world. In order to create your account on bandar bola, you will need to spend a little time filling in some personal information and once your application has been accepted you will need to fund your account in order to start gambling. Many bookmaking firms run special promotions to entice new customers to sign up with them, such as football-free bets and electronic cash bonuses that can be used to bet on other sports. Whilst these offers should not be the deciding factor when picking a firm with which to open an account, they are well worth checking out as some of them provide great value for money for newcomers.

Choose your subject

As I mentioned earlier, if you want to know more about which casino games offer the best chance of winning for punters and how to calculate your own odds for football matches, tennis tournaments, and other sporting events, you will find numerous articles elsewhere on the Internet that cover such topics in great detail. However, if all you want to do is get started and have some fun, the best way to decide on which sport or casino game to risk your money is to pick the one that you find most appealing.

This might sound like a simplistic approach but if you are gambling for fun rather than profit, you will be far more likely to enjoy yourself if you pick something in which you are truly interested. It is also quite possible to make money and have fun at the same time and some might even say that you will be more likely to make a profit if you bet on sports and games about which you are knowledgeable and will be happy to spend many hours researching.

Place your bets

The manner in which you actually place a bet will depend on whether you are interested in casino games, online bingo or gambling on the results of sporting events. However, in each case, the procedure is usually fairly simple and once you have logged into your account with your username and password, you will be able to place a bet with a couple of clicks of your mouse

The main thing for beginners to bear in mind is that it is important to set yourself a limit as to how much you can afford to risk in any given time period before you start your online gambling activities and never to exceed this limit.

Comparing Hand Holdem Poker Hand Chat

When comparing your poker hand to a hold’em poker hand chart, the value of your two cards between what is in your hand, or your “pocket cards”, and what is on the table will decide whether or not you win the pot.

First, remember as you look at the chart, the card values start with 2’s being the lowest and slowly progress to the Ace being the most valuable card. Next, observe the ways in which the cards combine between your hand and the table cards. Finally, it’s important to look at the suits of the cards. The suits are hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds. These three factors will determine who ends up winning the hand. One could also 에볼루션 카지노 가입 for practical experience.

The value of each card combination in hold’em poker is as followed, progressing from the weakest hand to the strongest hand.

High Card: A high card is when no one has a combination of cards. In this instance the player with the highest card in their hand wins the pot. An ace is the highest possible high card.

One Pair: A single pair is any two cards of the same rank. The highest possible pair would be two aces.

Two Pairs: Two pairs are any two cards of the same rank paired with any other two cards of the same rank. The highest possible hand with two pairs would be two aces and two kings.

Three of a Kind: Three of a kind is any three cards of the same rank. The highest possible hand with three of a kind would be three aces.

Straight: A straight is any five cards in a consecutive order. If more than one player has a straight, the hand goes to the player with the highest card value in their straight.

Flush: A flush is five cards of the same suit. If more than one player has a flush, the hand goes to the player with the highest card value in their flush.

Full House: A full house is two cards of the same rank paired with three cards of a different rank. The highest possible hand with a full house is three aces and two kings.

Four of a Kind: A four of a kind is any four cards of the same rank. The highest possible hand with four of a kind would be four aces.

Straight Flush: A straight flush is five cards of the same suit in a consecutive order. If more than one player has a straight flush, the hand goes to the player with the highest card values in their hand.

Royal Flush: A royal flush is the best hand you can get in hold’em poker. This hand consists of five consecutive cards of the same suit starting with ten and progressing to an ace.

Comparing these hands from the hold’em poker hand chart to your own will help you determine how strong your hand is compared to your opponents hands. This will allow you to bet intelligently to insure that you win the pot.


Casinos are the place where people first step in to enjoy but end up with some monetary habits. If they lose then the next time they visit their motive will be to earn back the amount and if they win then their motive is to earn more and more every single time

Dogecoin Continues To Gain Popularity Guardian Liberty Voice

An auditorium was filled up in San Francisco on Friday with Dogecoin users attending a conference on the alternative currency’s success and growth as it continues to gain popularity. The Friday conference brought hundreds of users of the alternative coin together to hear people speak about Dogecoin’s development and future.

You need to know about the Ethereum Casino to have a pleasant experience. You should understand the basics and other things to get more real cash in the bank balance. Experts and professionals are also available at the casino for the playing of the bitcoin gambling games. 

The Dogecoin event was free, but donations were welcome and encouraged. More ore than 900 people registered for the conference, which was planned in a very short period of time. The crowd filled the entire auditorium, as the keynote address was given and the conference followed. According to what was said in the keynote, $150,000 had been transferred using dogetipbot, which is a software that allows users of social media site reddit to tip each other in Dogecoin. One user even brought a Shiba Inu dog to the conference, which is the mascot on the Dogecoin currency that nearly everyone has probably seen on the internet in a meme somewhere, and who uses phrases like “much coin,” and “how money”.

Dogecoin’s success, as an alternative currency, has been nothing short of impressive, as it continues to gain popularity. The coin, which was introduced back in late 2013 and actually named for a popular but goofy internet meme, functions similarly to the popular Bitcoin, and is used as an open source file-sharing internet currency, especially popular with its community of users on reddit. Dogecoin can be transferred anywhere and can be used to exchange services, but has gained the most attention for being used for good causes.

In the past, Dogecoin donated 14 million Dogecoins to Kenya for clean water. In the Dogecoin currency, the Dogecoin community raised the equivalent of over $30,000 for the cause. However, the cryptocurrency has most recently been used for sponsoring a NASCAR car, which garnered Dogecoin a substantial amount of attention. Being the main sponsor on the car would cost around 50,000, and the Dogecoin community managed to pull it off using 67 million raised Dogecoins. In addition, the fundraiser was done in a record amount of time, according to a spokesperson for the Dogecoin Foundation. The NASCAR sponsorship is one of the largest ones that has been done by Dogecoin to date.

However, this is not to say that people are not using Dogecoin for personal reasons as well. Just this past March, a man announced that he would be selling his home for Dogecoin. The 27-year-old man, an entrepreneur who has been a supporter of online currency for years, is offering up his vacation home for $135,000, or 100 million in Dogecoin. The seller claimed that he sees potential in offering to take Dogecoin as a form of payment as well, and thinks that this will aid in attracting potential buyers.

Though alternative currencies such as Dogecoin may have been something that not many people took seriously a couple of years ago, the online coin continues to gain popularity and is really starting to pick up momentum. More people are gaining interest in Dogecoin as something that can actually be utilized in their buying and selling exchanges, they see that it’s potential is great, and it’s clear that its become far more than just a silly meme now.

Online Poker Benefits Of Choosing The Right Poker Table

Poker is an exciting game that takes a lot of risks. High rollers may find themselves a thousand dollars richer at one point and lose it all at the next. But that doesn’t stop poker players from enjoying the game. Although much can be lost, there’s also a lot of money at stake. Although card and people skills are essential to have a good game, poker is also influenced by luck and chance. Bad beats cannot be avoided. The player will have to put the odds in his favor to beat the rest. There are many poker strategies that can be used and one of the easiest is selecting the right table. You need to check the รีวิวคาสิโนออนไลน์ tips and strategies for the playing of the casino games. The selection of the right casino table will require the skills and intelligence to have the best results. The playing of the games will require luck and skills both to get the desired results. 

Why Choose the Right Table?

Choosing the right table is pretty easy. Unfortunately, players in real casinos don’t have this privilege. Most of the time, the floor manager of the casino directs the player into an empty table. Professionals also frequent real casinos rather than online poker rooms which takes the game into a different level. It provides other players the chance to not just beat him/her or but also improve their skills and pick some techniques. But playing online is more convenient than going to a real casino. It also provides a few perks such as total control of your game.


Online poker players can go in and out of a poker table. He is given the status of each table which can also serve as a good indication. They key in choosing the right poker table depends on two things – average pot size and flop percentage. Bigger pot size mean big profits, but it can also man big losses. The ideal would be is to find a table that’s 8 to 10 times the big bet. This attracts different types of players which can help improve your skills. Higher flop percentages mean that the table has players with more or less mediocre hands. This is when bluffing becomes useful as more people will fold to you. By creating a good image at the table, you can pretty much bluff the amateurs and mediocre players.

Online poker rooms also give you the option of leaving as you wish which is essential if you got either too many sharks or draws. You can exit at the click of a button. You don’t have to deal with other people giving you the stink eye for giving up too early. Other opponents also have a less easy task of reading you because you don’t interact face to face. They can pin down your style of playing but you can change your game plan from time to time so you wouldn’t be vulnerable.

Selecting the right table is a good strategy for online poker players. They can get into a game that they can handle. This gives them an idea of the nature of the game they’re getting into and the opponents they’re playing against. It enables them to be more prepared than getting into real casino and casually sitting in a random table. It gives them better chances at winning.

Online Horse Race Betting And Its Pros

Horse gambling can be a fun and lucrative activity for horse racing aficionados. In the past, the only way to make wagers on horse races is to either go to the actual event, or make a bet by phone. Today, however, because of the World Wide Web, bettors can participate in online horse race betting.

You need to learn the benefits of เว็บ พนัน บอล ดี ที่สุด to start placing of the stakes. The participation in the leagues and competition is possible to have more benefits. The chances of winning more real cash is possible at the reputed and trustworthy betting tables for online bettors. 

Though people who bet on horses online may not have the same excitement felt by those who wager on the actual race track, there are still several pros that are enjoyed by bettors who place their wagers on online betting sites:

Pro #1: The absence of exhaustion

Engaging in Internet horse betting means that you get to spend your time relaxing or resting, instead of being exhausted from driving to the racing track, and having to pass through crowds just to get to your seat, just to take a restroom break, etc. True, while watching the race live, you may not feel tired at all — however, after the event, you are sure to feel exhausted, especially if you have lost, or if you’ve drove long just to reach the track, make a bet, and watch for the outcome.

When you participate in online horse race betting, however, with just a click of your mouse, and with an Internet connection, you can bet on horses online while at the comfort of your home. You can sit on the couch and drink a fruit juice, while waiting for the outcome of the event.

Pro #2: The presence of convenience

When you place a horse bet on online betting sites, you’re sure to notice how convenient it is. You just have to make an account, choose the horse, the jockey, or a combination of the horse and the jockey you’ll be betting on, then, wait for the results. Once you win from Internet horse betting, you will receive the money in the online account you have created, which, of course, spells out: c-o-n-v-e-n-i-e-n-c-e.

Pro #3: Enjoying needed data right at your fingertips

If you are still not decided on which horse or jockey to bet on prior to the race, you can get information e.g. statistics, winning streaks, losing streaks, etc. really fast — that is if you utilize online horse race betting. Remember that when you bet on horses online, you can also use the Internet to gain more information about the horse racing participants, thus, you still have time to make up your mind and decide smartly, thanks to Internet horse betting.

When you are at the actual event, however, you may have to wait for other bettors to finish reviewing the stats book before you get your turn. Thus, it may be too late for you to make a good review of the participants, upping the probability of you losing, unlike when you make bets on online betting sites.

Online horse race betting surely has a lot of pros. You have to be careful, however, as there may still be a few Internet horse betting sites that may actually scam you. Ensure that you only place wagers in sites that are really secured, trusted, and legitimate.

7 Card Stud Highlow Starting Hand Selection

The two best starting hands in high-low stud are a “trips” (three-of-a-kind) and three suited “babies” (three cards between ace and eight of the same suit). If you are playing any high/low game, it is essential to realize that winning only half the pot on a consistent basis will not allow you to be a profitable player.

The most important rule you can follow in selecting which three-card hands to play in 7 Card Stud High/Low is this: “Does this hand have the potential to “scoop” (win the entire pot, both high AND low)? If it does not, either by taking the high when no one makes a low, or by developing into a great two-way hand, such as a low straight or flush, then the hand should be thrown away. Remember when you are playing agen bola terpercaya? You need to be very strategic. This rule also applies in this game.

Why is that the case?

Imagine that your first three cards are 2-5-8 of different suits. This is a hand that MIGHT win low (remember that you still need to complete your low hand with two good cards out of the remaining four to be dealt, AND other players may have better low draws than your 8), but it has almost no potential to win high, unless you get a perfect draw. If you are up against one other player with a high hand, you will, at best, break even on the hand, and depending on the “rake” (the amount of money the casino or online site takes from each hand), maybe even lose a few pennies. Often, you will not even complete your low, and you will lose everything you put into the pot. This scenario is not worth either your time or the risk of your money. So which starting hands ARE worth playing?

The two best starting hands in high-low stud are a “trips” (three-of-a-kind) and three suited “babies” (three cards between ace and eight of the same suit). The first of these is powerful because it will make the high hand the vast majority of the time, and since a qualifying low hand is not that easy to complete, it will scoop many pots. The second hand will frequently develop into a hand that will win both ways, and when it doesn’t, can still get you at least half the pot very frequently. Both of these hands should be raised with, or re-raised if someone else has already put in the first raise.

Other hands that should be played strongly (with early raises and re-raises) include:

  • three low straight cards (e.g. 2-3-4, 3-4-5, 4-5-6, etc),
  • a pair of aces with a low card,
  • an ace with two other low cards (pairing the ace can often make the high hand),
  • an ace combined with a low pair (lots of possibilities for making both high and low hands, as well as deceptive value),

Low straight cards with gaps (e.g. 2-4-5, 2-3-6, 3-5-6) are also strong starting hands, but you need to be careful playing these (and the other straight possibilities) when an 8 is part of your three cards and other low cards appear in your opponents’ hands, as an 8 low is very vulnerable. This is especially true when your 8 is in the “door” (the first card shown face-up), as players will be more likely to continue in the hand against you if they see that your low draw is a weak one.

One other hand that can be played, and should be played aggressively to try and thin the field, is a hidden high pair (J-J,Q-Q,K-K) with a low door card. Ideally, this should be played heads-up, as the more players involved in the hand there are, the more chance there is of someone hitting a low that also turns into a straight or flush, or of someone outdrawing your very vulnerable high hand.

Depending on what other cards are showing on third street, you can also play a three-card flush, where two of the cards are low, and there are zero or one of your suit showing at the rest of the table. Almost everything else should be thrown away, unless you attempt a late position ante steal against players showing bad up cards like 9-10-J-Q.

How To Fill Your Time Between Television Series

That time of year is quickly approaching while for some it has already hit. We are talking about the end of the television series season. Each year about this time we wait in anticipation for the climax of our favourite shows. However, when that day comes then we have to wait many months until the beginning of the next season. And while some sports enthusiasts love this time as there are plenty of games to watch it is the worse time of year for others as there is no longer anything to entertain them in the evenings. This is where a good online casino can save your sanity.

Many of us can still remember our own childhoods where evenings were spent more around the table playing card games and board games than around the television. Don’t you wish you could have that again? Well if you love thrilling games like blackjack and poker than we can provide these games and many more. This is the beauty of the internet as it allows you to play all your favourite games with people from all over the world. What’s more, when you add a whopping 0.3% cash back payout each time you play a game you know that even when you lose you win.

The game of blackjack has been around since the 1700’s and was first seen in French casinos. And even if you know it by the name of ’21’ you will know just how fun this game can be. What’s more, not only can you have great fun playing but you can also make a pretty penny as well. All it takes to make good cash is to find a reputable online casino that gives great bonuses like the one mentioned above and come to the table with a solid strategy that you have practiced beforehand.

You will find that the most common misconception of these online games is that people only lose money. And although this is true for the vast majority that play it is simply because they do not know what they are doing when they are playing. Furthermore, many of these people do not choose the right online casino like 365bet mobile to play at. Would you show up on a job that you knew nothing about and expect to get it with no experience what so ever? Of course not so why waste your time and money online by not being prepared for your game?

And one more final word about how to fill those countless evening hours until the next season starts. If you want to have fun and make money while you play online you will want to remember to always do a thorough click through on the casino you’re playing at. You will find that on a really good site that they have many tips and tricks all set out for you already. This not only saves you time but also makes sure you know of any special house rules that they may have set up on their blackjack game or any of the games they offer.

Igrovye Avtomaty Na Den Gi

The game of Red-Dog Poker goes by many other names, including Yablon, In-Between, Acey-Deucey, Ace-Deuce, and Between the Sheets. The premise of each game is essential the same with only slight rule changes. Two cards are dealt face up and a space is left between these two cards. The player has to make a bet that the third card will fall between the other two cards in rank using the traditional card rankings 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace.

Sometimes, the game will allow the player to call High or Low if the first card dealt is an Ace. Calling Low would mean that the Ace is lower in value than the 2. If an ace is flipped on the second card, it is always the highest valued card.

The original version of Red Dog was popular in the old west. There isn’t a huge history to Red Dog. It was probably betted on in back rooms, and played for fun by families looking for a group activity. It was apparently popular in the old west, but the game was found too easy to cheat on in the betting format, and soon disappeared.

Red Dog resurfaced many years later, but it no longer enjoys the popularity that it once did. The modern form, like every other casino game today, has a healthy house edge. The newer versions of Red Dog have some significant changes, and are called Casino Red Dog. Most of the newer casinos don’t offer Red Dog, and it is getting harder and harder to find. Red Dog is usually dealt from a shoe containing four or five decks, although single deck games, as well as games with 6 or 8 decks can be found occasionally.

Red Dog is getting harder and harder to find. The days of Red Dog could be numbered. Luckily for the Red Dog enthusiast, there are a few online casinos, such as Slots LV around which offer the game. Playing Red Dog is a relaxing way to pass the time, and is often used as a way to finish off a night of card playing. Red Dog gives a chance to spread the money around relatively quickly without relying on much skill.

Of course, this also goes for those of you involved in some of the more friendly nights of card playing. You’d be hard pressed to find this game being offered at the end of the evening in any serious card den! Your best “bet” is to reserve this game for evenings with the family.

Home Game

There are many games for the gamers present over internet to choose from. You should visit sagaming website to explore better games and the one that will really interest you. You can make your account for free and start your free access today. The game of Red Dog is different at the casinos than it is at home. At home, you would usually play with a stack of chips that represents a monetary value or simply use quarters, dimes, or nickels. Before the game begins, each player will place a certain amount of money in the pot. This is usually $1 to $5 or so.

Each player will get a turn and two cards will be flipped over. The player must make a wager; the lowest bet being a single chip or coin (if you receive something like 6 and 8 and there is only one card in between) and the highest bet is calling “pot” or betting the entire amount that is in play. If the player wins, they take the money bet from the pot. If the player loses, the player has to pay the amount that they bet to the pot. If two cards of the same rank (5 and 5) or of consecutive rank (7 and 8) are dealt, the third card is not dealt and that player gets to go again.

When the entire pot has been won, the game is over and can be restarted with the initial money again. Sometimes this game is incredibly quick, but sometimes the pot gets built up pretty high when people are unlucky. An interesting variation that is often used where the player has to pay double when the third card matches one of the first two cards flipped. That way, if someone gets a 2 and an Ace (high) or an Ace (low) and a King, the person can receive a stiff penalty when the third card matches.

Casino Game

In the casino version, you are simply betting against the casino. You must place a wager before the cards are revealed. This is called the Ante. The two cards are flipped and you only have one decision to make: Continue and don’t make an additional bet or Raise and place a second bet equal to the first bet made.

When the third card is revealed, you will win if it ranks between the first two cards. You will lose if the card matches one of the two cards or is higher or lower than the other cards. You will win even money if the rank spans four or more cards (5 and 10 being an example). You will win 2 to 1 if the rank spans three cards (5 and 9), 4 to 1 if the rank spans 2 cards (5 and 8), and 5 to 1 if the rank spans only one card (5 to 7).

If the first two cards are Cons (consecutively ranked) or Pair (the same rank), the game ends in a Tie and you receive your wager back. In the case of a Pair, the third card will be dealt. If the third card matches the first two, it is a 3 of a Kind and will pay out 11 to 1 on your wager.


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