Northwest Casinos in Washington State: Where to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck


There are so many casinos advertising on TV to get your almighty dollar to enter their establishment in Washington State. The most exciting and “Vegas” type experiences are usually run by Indian Tribes such as the Muckleshoot, Tulalip, and Snoqualmie tribes. If I’m going to part with some hard-earned money for an evening, I definitely like a casino with some ambiance and that treats me like a VIP whether I’m dishing out dollars or pennies. If you’re wondering which Northwest Casinos offer the best “value,” If that word can even be said in the same sentence with “casino,” you need to consider a few things. You will find some more tips and tricks that you can follow in order to keep yourself updated and at the top of your card game with Judi online terpercaya.

The Players Card: Even if you only frequent a casino once in a blue moon, the “players card” makes sense to own so that any money you are spending can come back to you in comp dollars. I have a player’s card at three Northwest Casinos just so that I can receive mailers, offers, and free gambling vouchers monthly. The Snoqualmie Casino sends me $10.00 a week free just for coming to gamble at their establishment. The best part is I don’t even have to spend the money there if I don’t choose to. I can just cash in the voucher for my $10.00 and walk out. Now odds have it that most customers won’t leave with the $10.00 which I am definitely a statistic of. Many times I’m able to turn that $10.00 into $60.00 or more and leave! That’s the whole key as everyone knows, leaving while you’re ahead. The Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, WA sends you bi-weekly cash vouchers for your play. The only issue is if you aren’t playing, you aren’t receiving cash (sometimes $5.00 but not as much as Snoqualmie). I usually receive about $15-$20 every 2 weeks but honestly, I feel like the Snoqualmie Casino does a lot better job in getting me there more often with weekly money and more of it regardless of my play.

While you’re playing with your card in the machines or at the table games you are earning points. These points can be used to receive a cashback, pay for food items, or buy things in the gift shop. I must say the majority of the time I use mine for food as the points are usually dollar for dollar on food items. Use your points to pay for a delicious buffet dinner, gifts, or take the cashback and try your luck again on machines or table games.

Variety of Games: Keeping up with the newest technology and fun in slot machines is a definite need for a casino. I have to say that Snoqualmie Casino is first place again in this area. Muckleshoot is a close second and Tulalip, of course, is probably tied as well for first but due to it being the farthest from my home I don’t frequent it as often as the others. Slot machines are a fun and addicting way to spend time at the casino. So many of them have bonus games within the game that keep you coming back for more. Some of my favorites are Super Jackpot Party, Rembrandt’s Riches, Davinci’s Diamonds, and Lobster Mania. All of these have bonus games that include extra spins, choosing lobster pots, and other fun video game type experiences. As games upgrade it’s important that a casino keep up with the newest games to draw in customers and all of these casinos do a good job of that.


I must say that of these three casinos, Tulalip has figured out the dining experience like no other. My husband and I spent my birthday there and not only are there dinning off the hook, but they also have lodging as well which the other two casinos lack. Having a “vegas” type experience with hotel, dinner, and entertainment was definitely a plus. Tulalip also has a spa that was perfect for my husband. He isn’t a big-time gambler and prefers having his cares rubbed away versus betting on them. It’s easy for us both to enjoy the venue and we’ll continue to go back for their most incredible dining experience that features a five-course meal by an amazing chef and changes monthly in Tulalip Bay. The value was incredible and I’m looking forward to having another dining experience in the near future.


All over service at Tulalip was probably the best I’ve seen in Washington. This really says a lot as they have many areas they “could” potentially fail in but they don’t. The rooms are spotless, the wait staff attentive, and overall service welcoming and friendly. The Muckleshoot Casino fails miserably in this area. Their servers are usually grumpy and seem like they are working for the government more than a casino. The service is slow and the food is mediocre. For as much money as this casino pulls in, it is shocking to me that they don’t consider their customers a bit more. I realize that the majority of the customers are paying with comp dollars, but the tips are not comped and I have a hard time EVER leaving more than 15% for these folks as it’s like pulling teeth to get my drink refilled or food in a timely fashion. I always feel like they’re doing me a favor. It’s the same when my slot machine has an issue. I have to basically “find” a person to help me and they are always slow and irritated when they have to fix the machine. As if I’ve purposely made the machine run out of paper. Snoqualmie does a much better job. Their staff is welcoming, the cocktail waitresses quick to serve and with a smile, and those that handle the machines are kind about assisting me with whatever the issue. It just feels like a classier experience every time I’m there.


Though the Muckleshoot Casino is still under renovations and making a lot of changes like their Coyaba Grill which is the best dining experience they have to date with gorgeous pendant lights everywhere, but the ambiance still doesn’t feel as rich as the other two. Snoqualmie and Tulalip have managed to really make you feel like you’re in “Little Vegas.” With gorgeous furnishings, perfect lighting, and exciting music you definitely want to stay out and party as long as possible. The Muckleshoot feels very dark and a little cheesy. One thing Muckleshoot does have that the others do not is a complete non-smoking casino. I gravitate toward that casino just so that I don’t have to take a shower immediately after getting home. As a non-smoker, there is nothing worse than sitting down to my favorite slot machine and having a smoker sit down next to me and light up. I immediately have to get up and move and I may have felt the vibe with that particular machine so it’s annoying when that occurs.

Regardless of where you decide to play, eat, and frolic all three of these casinos have something fun to offer. I feel like I win the most at Snoqualmie and then Muckleshoot. Tulalip I haven’t really won much money at but the rest of the experience made it worthwhile and I hope to get over to it again soon for another occasion. My play mostly consists of slots so if I was playing table games my odds might be different but for slot play, I recommend Snoqualmie for bigger payouts more often. Another cool thing with Snoqualmie is the Snoqualmie Falls just a short drive away and the lodge there with great dining and shopping as well. Whichever casino you choose remember to join their player’s club for coupons, vouchers, and heads up on concerts and other fun activities on a monthly basis. If you sign up for Snoqualmie’s I’ve just earned you $40.00 for the month after you sign up! Enjoy!