Key West Florida Annual Poker Run

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Pick-up trucks and trailers might be the way to get to Sturgis, South Dakota from Miami, Florida, but going to Key West for a Poker Run should be about the ride. So try to leave that heavy baggage at home.

If you experience a break down there are lots of sympathetic bikers passing by to lend you a hand or cell phone. Getting towed back home or to a shop can be arranged by phone easily. Calling a wrecker without motorcycle experience is worst then being stranded so make sure you do your homework before you leave home. Have a plan that includes what to do in case of a breakdown.

Be ready for towing. Know who has the experience and is local. If you have someone you have used before check to see if they travel to the Florida Keys on weekends or nights. We have a small list of motorcycle towing companies that work in the area.

Check them out for yourself and maybe put a number in your wallet or cell phone. I have seen a few bikes tumble off of a flat bed truck and even more left to swing around from a hook, it’s not a pretty site. If you have folks you ride with ask them if they have ever needed a tow and who did they use.

 An experienced operator can carefully tow with a flat bed or even on the hook. Enclosed trailers are always best for a long haul because they keep the weather off and the loose parts stay nearby. We have seen lots of bikes get to the destination with out a seat. That can be a five hundred dollar mistake now days. Most towing companies with motorcycle experience also know where a good shop is locally. You may get back on the road without being towed all the way home.

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 Here are some motorcycle towing companies we located:

 Motorcycle Rescue ( South Florida ) 305-986-6681 / 954-214-0648

 Florida Keys Towing (Florida Keys) 305-289-7301

 Prearranged plans are good to have. Road America works with the Harley Owners Group (HOG) to provide assistance for owners of Harley Davidson motorcycles. Read the forums and Blogs before you depend on AAA for motorcycle towing.

When all else fails someone in your group can bring the ramp and truck or truck and trailer. With changes in customs inspections (911) and building motorcycles from scratch (assembled from parts) motorcycle theft is down.

So you are less likely to have your ride disappear from the side of the road. And yes it is politically incorrect to leave your old lady with the bike or send her for help while you watch it, so Ante up and get a cell phone, you can put it in her purse.