Keno is an Old-New Gambling Game


Keno, the popular casino version of a lottery, is an old Chinese game that has become a huge hit in the newest of venues  the Internet. Keno has traveled across centuries and continents and has remained intact as one of the all-time hits in hundreds of online casinos. Keno is fun and quick and  online or on land  always a welcome break from the other types of casino games with their higher level of pressure and tension. 

 When you play online keno, its hard to believe that this super-modern phenomenon has roots in the Han Dynasty. Legend has it that during a long war, an enterprising general developed the game to finance the Han army, which was in dire economic straits. He created a game of chance to bring in money for his army’s supplies; a game of luck whereby most people would lose but a winner could win big was the perfect solution. Some historians say that, in addition to helping to win the war, the game also funded the construction of the Great Wall of China. 

 Flash forward to the 20th century, where keno  and all its paraphernalia  became a hit in land-based casinos. In Las Vegas or Atlantic City casinos, youd mark your keno ticket with a keno crayon and you handed your ticket to the keno writer (a person sitting behind the keno counter). The keno operator pressed the button to begin the drawing of the keno balls and the winning numbers were displayed on a keno board. Youd play the game in a keno lounge and you gave your ticket to a keno runner who took it to the keno counter. Instead of conventional games, a registration can be made at site. The collection of the right information should be there for the involvement of the players. The selection of the right platform is there to have more benefits at the platform. The number of the bonuses and rewards are changed into real cash rewards,.

 Online Keno Has Found a Permanent Home on the Internet Once again, take a giant step forward to the 21st century and youll discover that keno has come along for the ride. Online keno is one of the most popular gambling games in Internet casinos and for good reason. Its fast, its easy, its relaxing and it comes packed with potential  the potential to win big jackpots for small investments. Online keno has made it easier than ever to play this great game, and also way faster. A round of keno in a real casino is a bit of a production (as you can imagine from the above description or as you may have witnessed for yourself at some point) but a round of online keno is over in a matter of seconds. 

 When you play online keno you have to predict which of the 20 balls (out of 80) will be selected. You can choose from 1 to 15 numbers out of the 80 that are displayed on your virtual keno ticket. There are many types of keno tickets, ranging from simple to fairly complicated. Beginners usually go for the straight ticket, the most straightforward keno ticket available. A straight keno ticket usually lets you choose from 1 to 15 numbers on one ticket (though there is the occasional online casino that lets you pick more numbers even on a straight ticket). After you pick your numbers, 20 numbered balls are drawn from a virtual cage containing 80 numbered balls. If the numbers on the balls match at least some of the numbers that you picked, youve won. If youre the impatient type, online keno is just the ticket, no matter what kind of ticket you fill out.