Is the availability of gambling license necessary or not?

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Gibraltar is a self-governing British Overseas territory and also a member of the European Union. Under the Gambling Act of 2005, all gaming operations in Gibraltar require a license. As such, all remote gambling licenses, including internet and telephone betting, are issued by the respective Licensing Authority in the jurisdiction.Under the aforementioned provisions, the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority is the territory’s Gambling Commission.

It is up to the Commissioner to make certain that all those licensed within the jurisdiction conduct operations in accordance with their licenses.This region at the southernmost tip of Europe has a storied history when it comes to gambling. However, only in recent years has the Government of Gibraltar started issuing licenses to other countries and entities wishing to operate gambling venues. This is a task they consider to be of extreme importance.

Only the most reputable companies with an immaculate track record even stand a remote chance of being accepted into the Gibraltar family. All hopeful applicants must present a realistic and detailed business plan. Even still, licenses are difficult to obtain from Gibraltar. From 2005 until 2006, only 15 companies were successful in acquiring a license.Gibraltar has many requirements and principal conditions that all remote gambling operators must meet. For starters, the applicant must ensure that all advertising and promotions are accurate.

All advertisements must be targeted at players over the age of 18, and in no way should be found appealing to minors.Moreover, all advertising and promotion of gambling services must be directed only at citizens of nations which allow online gaming activities to take place. Every gambling company must also keep enough funds available to pay every participant should they win and request funds.

These stipulations are important and all activities will be monitored to ensure compliance.No financial information, such as bank account info, credit card merchant accounts, or processing receipts should be held by any jurisdiction than Gibraltar. All licenses given out by Gibraltar will be controlled and managed from within the jurisdiction.There is also a strong policy against money laundering. Gibraltar states that the licensee shall fully comply with obligations in respects of any transactions that appear suspicious. The licensee is required to understand its obligation under the Gibraltar Criminal Justice Act.

To date, a little over 20 online gaming sites have their license with Gibraltar. Of all the jurisdictions in the world, the Government of Gibraltar has the strictest criterion for approval.Casinos, poker rooms and sports books operating under the banner of Gibraltar are some of the most reputable online.Information available on request from the Office of Financial and Development Secretary.1% of annual turnover up to £42.5million, with gaming tax capped at £425,000 per year.Information available on request from the Office of Financial and Development Secretary.

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