How To Dominate The Zoom Poker Tables On Pokerstars

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PokerStars launched its fast-fold poker version a couple of years ago and with the huge traffic the online poker room is getting nowadays, Zoom Poker is the most popular turbo poker in the world. This means that tables are available around the clock, with different stakes and poker variations to choose from. Given the different nature of the game, players need to use a different strategy to win at Zoom Poker than the one they use to play regular ring games even if the stakes are the same.

What is Zoom Poker?

If you played online poker on the leading sites in the industry, there is a very good chance that you already know what Zoom Poker is. The name differs from site to site but the concept remains the same as the first version launched by Full Tilt Poker years ago. After seeing how many play Rush Poker, other poker sites started creating their own fast-fold poker versions.

The basic premise of the game is quite simple. Once you fold your hand, you immediately get a new hand at a whole new table with other players. This means that you will play a lot more hands in the same amount of time and you will no longer have to wait around to see a hand you are not part of. There is even the option to fold before it is even your turn to act, thus making the action even quicker.

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Zoom Poker is available in various poker games, with no-limit hold’em being the most popular. You can have up to 6 Zoom Poker tables running at the same time which can make for an incredible online session.

How is it different than regular ring games?

By tripling or even quadrupling the number of hands you play in an hour, you will spend more money on rake but you will also earn points at a much faster pace, thus advancing quicker through the PokerStars VIP program.

Apart from the increase in volume, Zoom Poker is quite different since you don’t get the chance to develop a read on your opponents across several hands. Since you are always moving to a new table and facing new opponents, the game gets a more A-B-C feel. The advantages of turbo poker also make it a great option for short sessions and combined with the mobile PokerStars app, makes for the ideal match while on the move.

What are the best Zoom Poker strategy tips?

While it is boring and normally not recommended for ring games, playing tight can be quite profitable in Zoom Poker. Since your opponents don’t know how tight you are playing, they are quite likely to call your bets when you do catch a monster. The increased number of hands means that you are more likely to get big hands in an hour.

On the other hand, A-K might be considered a very good hand in regular cash games but is not as powerful when playing Zoom. Since players tend to be tight and wait for high pocket pairs, the A-K loses a lot of its value in a raising war before the flop.

If you want to stick around and see how the hand plays out even if you don’t want to be a part of it, you can just hold Ctrl when pressing the fold button. This will keep you on the table until the hand is over and will then move you normally. Play turbo poker at PokerStars for the best and most exciting game on the internet.

Don’t forget to play the position. Given the fast pace of the game, a lot of players tend to forget that position is one of the most important things in poker. Be sure not to ignore your seat and how close it is from the button in every decision you make. This also means that you can’t let go of your blinds very often since you will have to pay a lot more of them in one hour.

It is also recommended to play fewer tables of Zoom Poker since the action is a lot faster and you can easily miss out on some possibilities. Rather than risk making bad decisions, consider lowering the number of tables you play in order to stay focused on all the hands.