How Not to Lose Money in Casino Gambling


If you are a casino buff you should be familiar with the different casino games: cards, dice, roulette tables, ball games, slot machines and other electronic gambling devices. These games are all designed to entice patrons to try their luck and gamble. Always remember though that casino gambling work according to the law of percentages. On this note, do not expect to win against the house as you and your gambling money cannot sustain in the long run through your “winning streak” the odds which most often go in favor of the house. Therefore, it does make sense to gamble wisely and not depend too much on “Lady Luck” to tip the balance in your favor.

In this discussion I will focus on games where bettors or players are given 2 choices only when placing their bets. For instance, in card games, Baccarat is the most popular. Then you have those dice table games known as “Big and Small” or ping pong ball games known as “Red and White” both of which players are just given a choice of either big or small and red or white, whichever game one chooses to play, wherein to place their bets. Games of chance that they are, players tend to place their bets according to intuition, gut feeling or whatever. There are players too who place their bets by following certain trends or patterns of past results. Or perhaps certain players even observe lucky players first and follow their betting choices.

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This is wrong! You may win sometimes but most often you lose because this way you are still depending on nothing but sheer luck. It is not all the time that Lady Luck may smile on you or you get to hit the right trend or betting pattern. The way to win is in the method of betting or how you manage your money bets on the choices you make.

For example, in Baccarat, seldom will you find a game sequence pattern that goes like player-banker-player-banker-player…so on and so forth. You may have noticed that most often game sequence patterns go for example like 3 players then banker then 4-5 players then 3 bankers showing the irregularity and unpredictability of results. On this usual situation, it is suggested then to apply a technique or system of betting.

Putting in mind that either player or banker may repeat 2, 3, 5 or even more than 10 times, your amount of money bets should be thus:

Say you bet first on Player, $10. If you win, bet on Player again for just $10. If Player wins again roll it for another Player bet for $20. If Player again wins, go for Player again but only for $20. If you win again roll your money two more times or until you lose to Banker. And that would be okay anyway you’re up by $20. However, if on your first bet you lose to Banker, bet again but on Banker this time for another $10. If Banker wins, just follow the betting technique above-stated. This technique hold true also with those other 2-choice games mentioned above.

The point of emphasis here is on how you manage your money in the way you place your bets, when to set aside and secure your winnings and when to let your money roll. You know there would be instances where you get to ride on a repetitive result of the same kind and you were able to roll your bets. This is where you get to win big. The bottom-line therefore is to win.

So…in parting, I won’t wish you good luck but…”Happy Winning!”