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The game of Bingo was originally developed in Italy in the year 1530. During this period of time, Bingo was treated as a lottery-style type of game, and it was referred to as Lo Giuoco Code Lottery, though there were other names for it as well. To this day, Saturday is still the day that Bingo is played in Italy. The game of Bingo that was developed in Italy was nothing like the game that we know as Bingo today, as Bingo was developed and fine tuned over a period of several hundred years as it was passed from continent to content and utilized for different purposes.

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By 1778, Bingo managed to spread beyond Italy, reaching France when the French version of the game of Bingo came to be. The game of Bingo was primarily played by wealthy Frenchmen during this time and had not yet done much spreading.

Bingo reached Germany in 1880, and it was primarily used during this time period as a teaching tool, and it had numerous educational applications and purposes, and Bingo was largely used to teach history, math and spelling to children and adults.

Bingo did not reach North America until 1929, but at this point, the game was referred to as Beano rather than as Bingo. People would use small beans on the numbers that were called, and the main object of the game was to create a row of beans in any single direction. When somebody achieved this objective, they would stand up and shout “Beano!”. Eventually, the game was renamed and became known as Bingo. A salesman by the name of Edwin S. Lowe went on to promote and popularize the game once it had been renamed.

Edwin Lowe turned to a mathematics professor at Columbia University in 1930 by the name of Carl Leffler and asked for help increasing the number of bingo card combinations all the way to 6000. Edwin Lowe seemed pretty confident that this would be possible, but this project was allegedly enough of a challenge that it drove the math professor crazy.

In 1934, the North American church began to coordinate bingo games with Edwin Lowe’s permission for a number of different charitable purposes. From this point until the present, the game of Bingo began to grow increasingly popular in North America as well as elsewhere.

By 1968, the popularity surrounding the Bingo game had become such that Bingo found its way into the North American gaming act. By 1986, Bingo was being launched on a completely national level in the UK. Today, there are more than three milling people that are playing Bingo in numerous different forms, including in sit-down Bingo Halls as well as through a number of different types of Online Bingo as well. Online Bingo is spreading in popularity as it can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.