Happy Island: An Essential Facebook Guide


Happy Island, the newest offering from developer CrowdStar, serves as an excellent escape from the drab colors of January and thrusts the user into a lush fantasy vacation world replete with tropical islands, tourists, and luaus. Here are some crucial strategies that will enable both beginners and experts alike to create an impressive and highly successful island.

1) Don’t ignore your friends

One of the quickest and easiest ways to advance more quickly in Happy Island is to take advantage of the in-game gifting system. Each day, you have the opportunity to send a gift decoration to your friends, causing them to gain valuable experience points. This nearly effortless action tests your selfishness, since you actually don’t receive any experience for gifting. However, the most generous gifters are often gifted back in return, and depending on the amount of friends you have in the game, you could easily gain a 1000 point XP boost each day.

2) Make it a habit to visit other islands several times a day

This is another crucial tip, because visiting gives you two opportunities to get gold and experience. Roughly every hour or so, a treasure chest good for 100 coins will appear on either the top right or top left section of the ocean. Also, the game encourages interaction between islands so much that you are able to click on your neighbors’ garbage and clean it up for 10 XP and 10 gold. Thanks to Happy Island’s currently generous respawn times, I’ve seen players collect coins using this method as quickly as once every half an hour. Getting into the habit of checking your neighbors each time you log in will enable you to quickly level up and build more structures.

3) Upgrade first, build later

The amount of experience you receive for building and upgrading is directly proportional to the amount of coins that you spend. However, there can only be a certain number of buildings on your island at one time, depending on the level of your character. Therefore, given the choice, it’s more effective to focus on upgrading your existing buildings rather than building a new structure. Avoid building several small buildings, like fruit stands, as soon as you reach a new level. Instead, be patient and save up for that important bungalow upgrade.

4) Don’t rely too heavily on decorations

While decorations tend to look nice and fill out the gaps in your island, don’t build these in the early part of the game unless they are gifts from friends. At the low levels, it’s essential to build attractions in order to receive a steady flow of income; decorations just detract from this goal. If you are playing to level up as quickly as possible, you can immediately sell all the decorations that come with your brand-new island in order to gain a swift cash boost.

You can also use the cheap cost of decorations to your advantage if you’re very close to leveling up. When you sell decorations, you receive half the value that you paid for it in the shop. Therefore, to squeeze out the last bit of experience, a good strategy would be to build rock slabs, sell them, and build again, increasing your experience each time. Be careful to not waste too much money on this method, as a large sum would be better spent towards an upgrade.

5) Don’t be afraid to take a break

One of the great things about the gameplay of Happy Island is that it does not require constant attention, like some other games in the same vein of dewicasino88 that is most lovable games of gamble enthusiast because of their methods of results that are all computer based. If you find that there is nothing left to do on your island, take a break and do something else productive. Regardless of your presence, tourists will still visit your island and your cash flow will still remain intact. Happy Island isn’t the same as Rollercoaster Tycoon, so don’t try to micromanage your guests. Buying drinks will not really do much for your guests’ mood or their ability to spend money, so treat this feature as a fun aside, not as a major strategy piece. Combined with the fact that you can only collect money at certain time intervals throughout the day, Happy Island is a game that can be left unattended with no real threat to gameplay.

With these essential tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to perfecting your ideal island getaway in Happy Island.