Guide To Casino News: Blackjack Strategies to win more!!

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Are you one of the many fans of the blackjack game? Do you feel though that your strategy is not good enough to make your card counting successful? This article provides you with the basic blackjack strategy that is essential for this game, but also with some extra tricks. If you apply these strategies in your games you will become a very competitive blackjack player! Just be careful while reading and use these tricks in the future as well as possible!

Did you know that perhaps there are no other casino games in which you can use a strategy as efficiently as in the blackjack? Moreover, your winning chances with this game are higher from the start than with other games, no metter if you play in a land based, or online casino. This is because casinos usually make the house to have a great advantage, but this is not so prevalent with playing blackjack. For if you use the strategies as follows, you let the house to have a very small percentage of advantage, less than 1% only! Isn’t it great? So go ahead and find out what should you keep in mind when playing a blackjack game!

You surely know by now that your main target as a blackjack player is to build up cards which totally will give maximum 21 (which is the best case), but not more than 21. You will deal with two cards which are face up; while the dealer will have one up-card and one which is face down (called a hole-card). You may have a so-called ‘soft’ hand meaning that you have an Ace plus a nine or lower, or you may have a ‘hard’ hand as well, which means you do not have any Aces. But what do the experts say? The understanding of the casino games is there to meet with the requirements of the players. The showing of the cards is great to meet with the increased balance specifications. Situs judi qq will have access to the gamblers to prepare the best strategy for the wagering of the amount. The rules and guidelines should be clear with the gamblers to have the benefits. 

First, let’s talk about your chances! How can you have almost the same percentage of advantage as the house, or even higher chances than usually? You should take into account the number of decks the house works with. For instance, it’s definitely better for the player if the house uses only two-three decks, than if this number is eight. So if the house offers you small number of decks, you should consider that your chances are better! Moreover, if combined with other useful tips, you will certainly have a big advantage from the beginning! You also have more chance if the house agrees that players double down on any cards and not only on a two-card that is valued 10 or 11. It is also recommended that you choose a casino which lets you split to 4 hands, as each of the splits decrease the casino’s advantages. It is also good if you have the chance to split Aces.

Second, let’s mention some facts that make the house advantage increase. You should try to look for these facts, and don’t play in places that operate with such unfair rules! For instance, stay away from those games which offer you 6 to 5 odds instead of the general 3 to 2. Don’t be misled with the 6:5 payout games being offered with a single-deck! Remember that payouts provide the player with more drawbacks than the advantages of the single-deck are. And finally, don’t play in a game in which you are to make decisions first, and the dealer checks his down card only after this (for seeing if he has a natural blackjack or not). This is disadvantageous for you as long as you might split many times senseless, and wake up with lost bets in case the dealer has a natural blackjack.

In the following I will list what the experienced players recommend, and what is called a ‘basic strategy’. This is the best guide to help you play without knowing anything about the distribution of the other cards. In order to learn this strategy by heart, you have to take time, but it is worth it! Otherwise you’ll give the house larger advantages, which you surely don’t want! 

The best thing is to keep in mind the notice patterns based on the basic strategy (which can be found easily on the internet) and to understand why you should act in the way the pattern indicates. Keep in mind that you have to know these chats by heart, and test your skills as many times as possible! Moreover, always try to ‘stand’ on a hard 17 or higher and ‘split’ Aces and eights into two hands whenever possible! On the other hand, don’t split tens. More than that, if you don’t play single-deck blackjack, then always take another card in case you have a hard eight or lower! 

And what should you avoid? First, do not bust! If you have a total of twelve or more you should stay instead of arriving at a busted hand! Second, do not imitate the dealer, ‘hitting’ in case of a sixteen for instance, as you may end up going over 21. Don’t think that the dealer’s hole-card is always a ten, as by this you won’t take any risks which are essential in a blackjack game. So avoid these bad strategies as otherwise you might increase the advantage of the house from 3% to a very bad 10%.

Don’t give up in believing in the basic strategy just because you lose the hand once or twice! Note that even if you bring the strategy-study to perfection, you cannot win every hand, and not even the half of them. So it does not necessarily work in the short-term, but it’s perfect in the long-term! In addition to this, remember that a simple strategy that is played exquisitely is better than a more complex one played with miscalculations!

Finally, it is essential to mention some required skills. As improving and acquiring the strategy involves certain skills and a certain level of motivation. A skill for making prediction, namely deck estimation, is of primary importance in blackjacking. This refers to your ability of calculating the number of cards that have appeared on the scene. It is equally good if you are good at dividing numbers, quickly enough at calculating the passing card values, as well as good enough to memorize many card indexes. And the most important thing: don’t forget to look relaxed, just like a normal player who doesn’t have anything to do with card-counting!

Blackjack is one of the most widespread and appreciated casino games. No matter if you play just for the sake of playing, or because of the required techniques, or because of the money that can be gained, you should know that experience makes someone to become a leader player. This is valid for the blackjack game as well. But more than this, it is unavoidable for you to get acquainted with a basic blackjack strategy, and you should also keep in mind the special strategies that this article presented. Remember that you have to combine these in order to be successful! With applying the above-mentioned tips and tricks, your blackjack game will be simple, interesting and exciting in the same time! Have a good luck (an Ace and a Jack in your hand), and very many pleasant games!