Goblin’s Treasure Slot Hits RTG Casinos


Goblin’s Treasure slot that is available on pkv games is a 25 pay line game that takes the players deep into a fantasy world by getting players involved with Goblins, Ogres, and Dragons. However, it’s the Treasure Chests and the Precious Stones that players will want to look out for, as they’ll ultimately bring in the cash!

As with all slots of this ilk, the money is to be made by spinning various special symbols which in turn trigger special features.

When it comes to Goblin’s Treasure, there are two special symbols both of which can reward the player richly. First up are The Goblins which are treated as a wild symbol and trigger the machine’s multiplier. However, this isn’t just your standard slot multiplier. Oh no.

Instead, RTG has come up with a rather novel way of multiplying your winnings. The Goblins themselves will only appear on the first reel, but they can appear in groups of up to five Goblins at a time. The number of Goblins that you spin on that first reel will also indicate the rate at which your winnings will be multiplied by.

For example, spin a group of five goblins and get a 5x multiplier.

The other special symbol is the Treasure Chest. In a similar manner to The Goblins, the Treasure Chest symbol will only appear on the fifth reel and will only be activated if the first four symbols have triggered a payout.

The chances of this are fairly long, so this won’t happen often. When it does though, payout levels go through the roof!

Those of you who like to play with slightly shorter odds will be pleased to know that there’s another use for the Treasure Chest though, and that’s where its real value lies.

If The Goblins and the Treasure Chest appear in a single spin, the Free Spins feature is activated. Fifteen free spins are awarded to the player as a default, but again a multiplier is available based on the number of Goblins that have been spun.

Free Spins can also be re-triggered, although, in the event of that happening, players will only be awarded 10 additional spins.

In a lot of ways, Goblin’s Treasure is just what we’ve come to expect from RTG slot machines. For example, the game contains:

A two-tier progressive jackpot that is randomly triggered paying out a “Major Jackpot” and a “Minor Jackpot” based on how much a player has wagered.

The Win-Win Feature which still pays out to players who haven’t had any luck in the Free Spins round

Bet Size ranges from $0.01 to $5.00 with players only being able to wager one coin per pay line

However, the slightly different approach to multipliers and the winning potential available to players who manage to spin both special symbols is something we haven’t seen before and potentially hints at further innovations to come.

Goblin’s Treasure is now available in all RTG casinos. However, we would recommend playing the game at either Rushmore Casino or Cherry Red Casino.

Both establishments are highly regarded in the online gaming industry and offer their players an excellent welcome bonus and very strong customer support.