Gambling Guide: Hints, Tips, and Strategy for Casino Video Slots

Casino Gambling

Although video slots are very easy to learn how to play, there are some things you should bear in mind when gambling on them. Here are some hints and tips to help you play video slots more effectively: Playing Interwin slots online – Is It Legal? Online gambling is legal in the UK. Make sure that you choose a reputable online casino, however, and be aware that online casinos are not legal everywhere in the world, and that those that are not based in the UK may not be subject to the same legislation and guidelines that apply to UK-based online casinos. 

Visit our Where To Play Video Slots and Top Video Slots sites pages for more help in finding a reputable online casino. Playing Video Slots Online – Try out the software first! Most casino websites will allow you to play free games to test their software on your PC/Mac. This is a very good idea as not all software will be compatible with your computer. It also means that you can practice your video slots strategy before playing for money, and you can play the free games again once you have spent the maximum you want to spend for the session. 

Playing Video Slots Online –

Browse the marketplace. Take a look at as many sites as possible, to get a good idea of what they all offer. What are their rules? What are their cash policies? Check if they are a member of the Interactive Gaming Council (, which establishes the code of conduct for online casinos. Check for this membership as it authenticates their site and will give you peace of mind when paying their fees. For help in finding a reputable online video slots site, visit our Top Video Slots Sites page. Know the rules of Video Slots Make sure that you are aware of the rules and regulations of the site you are using before playing. Also, familiarise yourself with the basics of video slots. You can do this by visiting our How to Play Video Slots page. 

You should also check the rules of the specific video slots game that you want to play. For example, are you aware of the rules regarding the number of coins that you need to use? Do you know what symbols indicate the jackpot? Which lines pay out the prizes? Each slot is different in some way, so it is a good idea to know what’s what to get an advantage. It’s easier if you know what’s going on! Know your limits! Set yourself a limit on games and money before starting to play online video slots. 

If you can’t afford to play a machine, then don’t! Many players overspend and lose money by thinking that they are going to win the jackpot, when they should be focussing initially on getting some modest returns. Try to avoid playing “just one more game” once you have reached your limit, and never chase your losses. Once you have reached your limit, you can always continue playing the free video slots games offered by most reputable online casinos. Be thoughtful when playing. Every video slot machine has a random number generator to determine the combination of symbols for each spin. Therefore, calculating the odds to win is impossible. 

The machines also have a built-in program that will return a percentage of money, so you won’t empty it. Bear this in mind when playing to get good profits. If the Jackpot offers a bonus, bet on the maximum coins! With most video slots machines, unless you do this you won’t get the full prize amount. Three reel machines give you a better advantage. 

To get four matching symbols are rare, so go for a three-reel machine. Progressive slot machines usually have four reels and an open jackpot linked to a particular symbol group. This increases with every pull. You will win the top jackpot if you play maximum coins with all the correct symbols in a line. This is very difficult to do, so aim for secondary and primary jackpots. Check where the pay line is. The centreline is nearly always the pay line. Therefore you will have to line the symbols up on that line to receive a prize. However, some machines have lines at the top and bottom as well, giving you more opportunities to win. 

Yet these amounts are often smaller than machines with just one line. To find more information on which sites offer Video Slot games, check out the Where to Play Video Slots page. Slots are probably one of the easiest forms of gambling games to play, but if you have never played them before, check out our How To Play Video Slots page. Our Glossary of Video Slots Terms will also help you to decipher the world of reels, symbols, and pay lines.