Complete Blackjack Rules For Beginners – Check the guide 

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Millions of followers are presently enjoying the blackjack card games both online and in the brick and mortar casinos. You shouldn’t worry yourself if you had been reading or hearing about blackjack but don’t know how to start because the game is quite simple.

The slot online site is providing a guide to the beginners for the playing of the games. There is nothing to worry with the following of the information in the guide. It will allow the slot players to have more winnings without any money wastage at the reputed site. A winning experience is available for the gamblers. 

As a new player, you may be expecting to have some opponents while playing but the fact is that you aren’t going to be playing against any opponent in the blackjack games. You will rather be playing against the dealer on the other side. In each blackjack game, the ultimate aim is to get 21 or as close to it as possible without exceeding the number. In all the blackjack card games, you will lose the game when you get any numbers that sums up to more than 21. It is usually called busting in the blackjack card games.

You can easily know the value of the cards you have at any time while playing by just adding up the values of each card in your hand at a time. The Aces are usually either 1 or 11 points but it is that will decide which of the two numbers you could assign to it at any given time based on the other cards you have at hand. The Kings, Queens and the Jack are all 10 points each. All the cards from 2 to 10 are assigned whatever face values they have. If you have a hand that consists an ace with another card whose value is 10, you are said to have the best had in poker. This is because, 21 is the target of the entire game.

Knowing the values of the cards is good but what about how the game is actually played? The game normally begins with the dealing two cards to each player when they must have all set aside their bets. All the cards that are dealt to the players would be faced up while the dealer will also have two cards with one faced down. Seeing the dealer’s exposed card, and considering the cards you have, you can then decide if it is convenient for you to stand or hit. The dealer would readily deal you another card to increase the card values you have when you hit in blackjack card game. You can hit when your hand is too low but care should be taken so that you don’t gather cards whose value will exceed 21.

But if the cards you have are good in your consideration, all you need to do is just stand so that the dealer would reveal the faced-down card that he or she has. At that instance, if the sum of the two cards in the dealer’s hand is lower than 16, he or she will have no other option than to hit. If you card values exceed the dealer’s after this you win; if the dealer’s card value exceeds 21, you also win as long as yours aren’t more than 21. You will only win 1:1 of the bet amount but if you have exactly 21 points blackjack, you will be sure of being paid 3:2.