Betfair Casino Brings Back Popular Promotion

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Betfair Casino is a place where campaigns are unveiled on a weekly basis and it is virtually impossible to keep track of all the lucrative deals.

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Every now and then, the online casino is willing to bring back a popular campaign and luckily for those who got hooked on the €7000 Regal Monthly Bonus Extravaganza, it has returned.

The name of this promotion pretty much says it all and those who haven’t participated yet should know that they are eligible for a bonus of up to $7000 or currency equivalent.

It’s a lot of money to take him and the fact that you need to meet the wagering requirements and perform all the requested deposits over the course of one month is an effort worth making. This is the kind of challenge and will appeal mostly to high rollers, who are already betting larger amounts that are not intimidated by four digit numbers.

The €7000 Regal Monthly Bonus Extravaganza has the particularity of not awarding all the money at once. What actually happens is that players will unlock the bonus in various increments and the minimum amount is a €500, triggered by the transfer of the funds to their online account.

It is only possible to unlock the bonus once per day and five days a week, so it’s important to stay active and play on a daily basis to be kept in the loop.

The best case scenario is to have the entire bonus release within the first 20 days of them month, as this is the fastest one can hope to receive the cash.

It’s hard to believe that anyone will be interested in depositing the minimum amount, but those who are reluctant to wager being some should know that €30 is enough to cash in on the bonus.

The problem is that the deposits are only matched by 25%, so you need to commit enough money if you hope to be lavishly rewarded.

There are not many out there who can afford to deposit €28,000 in one month, but those who do will be playing with a cool €35,000 by the end of October. As long as they meet the wagering requirements of 20 times the combined amount, they will have no problem in cashing out their profits.