Bankroll Management – Check out details carefully!


In this article I’m going to show you how to build a huge online poker bankroll from little to no investment, playing Texas Hold’em. The more money you have to start, the easier this is going to be but I will show you exactly how to make thousands from nothing, using good bankroll management and not too much risk taking.

The reason that bankroll management is so vital to playing good poker is because poker is a horrible short term game. Poker is a game of swings, meaning you can feel as if you’re totally crushing it one day and then another day it seems as if you can’t win a single hand.

Texas Hold’em poker is one huge game of positive long term investments, it’s a business and should be treated as such. You will have losing days in poker, even if you play well, it’s a statistical certainty. If your bankroll is so small that a losing day really effects your ability to play then you’re often playing too high above your bankroll and this is where money management is so important.

How big should my poker bankroll be to start?

There are a few things to take into consideration:

Playing Texas Hold’em for fun at the lower stakes then I think anywhere from 15 – 30 buy ins for a game is fine (more is clearly better). The main thing with regards to good bankroll management is having the discipline to move back down in stakes when your plan determines it.

If you’re wanting to play Texas Hold’em for a living then I prefer more like 50-100 buy ins and the main reason for this is that I like to have a much bigger cushion to allow for longer stretches of variance as well as the fact that I wouldn’t want to keep having to move down in stakes so frequently.

You will very often find that the lower stakes are much easier than the higher stake games due to the skill level of players improving as you move up in stakes. It’s for this reason that you can be a bit more liberal with your shot taking early on but should likely tighten up your bankroll requirements as you move up.

For some players, losing a few buy ins is no big deal (if they felt they played well) but for others it can be like a red rag to a bull which sends them off on a self destruct course.

I find that there is a direct correlation between small bankroll and tilting. It feels as if every buy in that you lose takes you one step closer to going bust and that fear manifests into anger. For the management of the funds, there should be implementation of a simple and easy approach. The emotions should be kept aside to get an increase in the bankroll and rules can be followed as stated in the poker online site site. There should be availability of the correct information for the real cash in the bank account. 

If you have a huge bankroll (and let’s just go over the top for examples sake) of let’s say 1000 buy ins (so $5000 at the $5 games) and you loose three buy ins, it’s not likely to bother you anywhere near as much as if you have a ten buy in bankroll ($1000 for $100 games) and lose a few games in a row.

Do free poker bankrolls really exist and if so why?

Yes free poker bankrolls really do exist. The reason that some poker sites give away free poker money no deposit needed is because online poker is huge money and every online poker rooms is trying to entice players to come and play at their room and so this is one of the many promotions that can be found.