A complete collection of casino bonuses


It is important to remember that the EV of a bonus is really an average and that you are very likely to end up with more or less than this average. The higher your bet size, the higher your standard deviation is; or, in other words, the bigger your swings will be and the more likely it is that you finish farther away from the expected value of the bonus(either above or below). Your risk of ruin (going bust) also increases with a larger bet size. At the betmeister sportsbook, the sports betting are becoming easy and convenient for the gamblers. The checking of the team performance is possible for the bettors. The collection of the bonuses will provide more rewards to the bettors. The use of the right skills and intelligence is essential for the bettors.

I recommend $1 or $2 flat-betting to meet the wagering requirement for people with a bankroll under $2,000 or so. If your bankroll is $5,000+ or you can afford to potentially lose your deposit (you can “re-load” your bankroll”), feel free to use $5 or higher bets. I will personally flat-bet anywhere from $10 to $25 depending on the casino and its terms – allowing me to finish these bonuses quickly, but I have a big enough bankroll for it. When starting out, PLEASE use the $1 or $2 flat-bet guideline until you feel more comfortable with the whole process and your potential loss. That being said, you will need to up your bet size as you progress through the casinos.

Also, be sure to keep track of how much you have wagered. Some casinos offer “comp points” where you get a certain number of points for each X dollars in wagering. This can be a useful way to keep track of how much of the wagering requirement you have fulfilled. Some people like to use a deck of cards, a clicker, pennies, dash marks on a piece of paper, whatever… the point is to make sure you are keeping track of your wagering somehow. It is not wise to keep betting after you complete the WR. Remember, the casino has the advantage on every bet you have to make, don’t give them any extra edge!

To get all of the above into a nutshell, casino bonuses basically work in the following fashion: You deposit a certain amount of money into the casino, they give you a certain % of that as a bonus immediately into your account. You then have to play a certain amount of blackjack (or whatever game) to clear that bonus. After doing so, you are free to cash out the profits, rinse & repeat at a different casino.

This is very easy stuff and the only real issue is how slow some of these casinos can be. You may go a week (or more) without seeing your money from some of the slower casinos (don’t worry, we won’t start with the slow ones). Don’t expect blazing fast cash outs at these places and don’t be too surprised if they ask you to fax an ID (or utility bill) over. It would be a wise decision to only whore with money you won’t need for a few weeks. Also, some of you may be thinking to yourself that you have no idea how to play blackjack. Don’t worry, it can easily be done using charts from Wizard of Odds; some casinos even have autoplay and let your computer play the bonus for you!