11 Reasons To Bet Online And Not The Tab


The Australian TAB is no longer in control of the betting landscape considering the very poor odds that they give to punters. Today, punters can get the best odds with the introduction of online bookmakers in Australia. Because of this, you won’t have to accept the poor dividends offered by the Tote sicne you can get so much better when you place your bets online.

Why Bet Online?

The betting industry in Australia is growing fast. Punters have become smart and they no longer bet on the TAB as online bookmakers offer much better odds along with the FREE bets they give in an effort of promoting the business. In a competitive market, the punter benefits the most as online bookies compete to provide the best offers for their clients. The Benefits of Betting Online


One of the benefits that you can get when betting online is convenience. You can check the latest odds as well as the bookmaker specials right at the comfort of your own home. Therefore, you get to save more. Check the markets of each bookmaker and back your fancy at the best odds and the opportunities are endless.

Bet When You Want

Online bookmaker sites never close. Their betting markets are available at any time on a wide variety of racing, sporting, and entertainment events.

Safe and Secure

Bookmakers are strictly regulated to abide by the Australian industry standards to ensure a safe and secure betting experience online. Therefore, customers are guaranteed that their bets and winnings are safe and secure.

Funds Are Easy to Deposit

There are a lot of secure payment options available to deposit your funds include direct deposit, BPay, credit card, and many others.

Free Sign Up

It’s free to join online bookmaker sites. Therefore, always do your research and take your time to see which of the bookmakers will suit your needs. Bookmakers such as Sportsbet allow you to register for FREE. This bookmaker also has a free tipping competition which you can enter for free that gives you the chance to win up to $1,000,000 in prizes even if you haven’t placed a bet.


When you join a bookmaker on line, you can receive a FREE bet or deposit bonus. Simply create a new account and start placing your bets online. Sportsbet gives you up to $500 free cash.

Bet on Your Choice

You can place a bet on any racing or sporting event depending on your choice. Online bookmakers are ready to accept a bet and you’re guaranteed a better price than the Tote.

More Opportunities

Bookies are competing with each other. Therefore, you will get the chance to get some really good bet deals for FREE as well as member promotions to offer plenty of ongoing value.

FREE Competitions

Most of the bookmakers online have some form of free tipping comps from the AF to the Spring Racing. One of the best is the Million Dollar Tipping which is offered at Sportsbet where you can play for $1,000,000 in cash and prizes on the AFL, NRL, Premier League, Spring Carnival Racing, and A-League. Betezy for instance have great competition where you can have the chance to win up to $100,000 in the daily ‘Pick the Winners Competition’.

Huge Dividends

The TAB has been controlling the betting industry on capsa susun in Australia for many years that punters had no choice but to accept the poor odds given by the TAB but online bookmakers have changed the present landscape in favour of the punter.

Better Value

Online bookmakers in Australia have a much better bet type, product, or promotion that gives huge dividends than the TAB which is enough reason to create your account online.

Apps provide much better connectivity and have much faster transactions compared to the rest of the lot. An application has the features to detect the location of the player as well as the phone they are playing from, which can be used to develop better statistics for the developers and better feedback on the games available.